Yoga is an ideal exercise for everyone from the very fit to the older adult & pre or post natal woman. Yoga can be used to improve or maintain flexibility, correct poor posture, strengthen the spine & ease back pain. It can also improve digestion & elimination, facilitates circulation, improves breathing disorders & lift mood.

Yin Yoga

Restorative Yin Yoga for all ages and levels of experience
Restorative Yin is a slow paced Yoga class that provides time to relax into supported yoga postures, calming body and mind. It releases tension from muscles, joints and fascia, improves mobility and flexibility, prevents injury and reduces stress.

Restorative Yin is becoming very popular to balance an ‘always on’ busy demanding yang lifestyle by letting us slow down, nourish ourselves and replenish our energy. We can leave class feeling like we’ve just had a great massage!
Small classes of up to 10 are designed for all abilities

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Timetable for Yoga