Hillary Schwantzer

B Physiotherapy (Hons)(UMelb); PGrad Cert Cont & PF Rehab (UMelb) (Hons) Pgrad Cert Exercise for Women

Hillary has over 13 years of clinical physiotherapy experience and is the principal owner of Inform Physiotherapy.

Since completing her postgraduate certification in Continence & Pelvic Floor and Exercise for Women Hillary has enhanced her expertise in the area through clinical practice and continued professional development. Hillary has developed a special interest in the management of pre and postnatal pelvic floor and incontinence and men’s health.  She combines her extensive 18 years of teaching Pilates with her Physiotherapy education to provide a comprehensive approach to health rehabilitation. Hillary is passionate about empowering individuals to understand their health and help improve their quality of life. Hillary consults at both the Fairfield and Coburg locations of Inform Physiotherapy.

Melinda Cooper

B Physiotherapy (UQ); PGrad Cert Cont & PF Rehab (UMelb)(Hons)

Melinda has been treating women and their families since 1984 and founded The Marshall Street Practice in Ivanhoe. In 2014 Inform Physiotherapy welcomed Melinda where she continues to offer her expertise in the assessment and management of all women’s health issues that are amenable to physiotherapy. This includes incontinence, prolapse, and persistent pain syndromes. Melinda also has a keen interest in assisting women with lactation related conditions such as mastitis and blocked ducts. She has expertise in addressing the continence needs of children and men. In addition to her clinical role, Melinda teaches and examines in Women’s Health Physiotherapy as well as in Continence and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation within the School of Physiotherapy (Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences) at the University of Melbourne where she has been involved in research in pelvic floor muscle performance. Melinda is also a chief investigator with a team of researchers from Monash University who is investigating the effect of therapeutic ultrasound in treating mastitis.

Laurel Martello

B. Physiotherapy (Hons); Clinical Pilates

Laurel graduated as a physiotherapist in 1992, and has since worked in hospital based rehabilitation, gyms and also with home based strengthening and stability programmes.

As a past national level gymnast, a sprinter and hurdler in her younger days, movement and exercise have always been an important part of Laurel’s life. Being sidelined from hands on manual therapy with her own lower back injuries in her mid-twenties, led to her discovery of Pilates. The emphasis on moving smarter and more efficiently had her hooked.

Laurel studied the Polestar method in 2007-2008, and has been working in Pilates since this time.

In addition to Pilates, Laurel’s interests include writing, holistic health and keeping up with two (mostly) delightful children.

Shoni Le Nepveu

B Physiotherapy (Hons) (UMelb); Clinical Pilates (Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation)

Shoni graduated from The University of Melbourne in 2002 and spent a few years working in Rehabilitation Hospitals developing an interest in Neurological Rehabilitation and training in the Bobath method.

In 2006 she completed the Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation training course and began teaching clinical pilates.

Since starting a family she has worked part time in both areas. She has found that her training in both is integrally related and hence possesses a special interest in Pilates for neurological clients. She founded and co-presents the Pilates for Neurological Clients Australian Physiotherapist Association (APA) course.

Shoni uses the principals of Pilates combined with current Physiotherapy research and knowledge to help her clients manage their injuries and maintain optimal efficiency of their bodies through regular, enjoyable exercise.

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Rachel Nelligan

B. Physiotherapy

Rachel Nelligan graduated from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2005. She initially commenced working in the public hospital sector gaining experience in traumatic brain injury and movement disorder rehabilitation prior to moving into private practice.

In the last two years she has also gained experience in research working at The University of Melbourne within the Physiotherapy department co-ordinating clinical trials into the benefits of combining strength based exercise with pain coping skills training to help people manage and improve their ability to cope with their persistent hip and knee pain.

Rachel is passionate about working with people to better manage chronic and painful conditions as well as women’s and men’s health related problems. She is also a fully trained DMA Clinical Pilates instructor and dry needling practitioner.

In her spare time Rachel enjoys tinkering on her sewing machine, hiking, water skiing, a good glass of wine and more recently has started tennis lessons with friends.

Miranda Murphy (currently on maternity leave)

B.(H.Sci.) M. (Physio.) LaTrobe University

Since graduating as a Physiotherapist Miranda has worked in both acute and rehabilitation hospitals in the private sector with experience in orthopaedic, persistent pain and general medical.  Miranda also works in private practice combining hands on therapy and exercise to empower people to gain the most from their rehabilitation.

 Miranda developed a passion for Pilates after the birth of her daughter Grace. She is competing her formal qualifications as a Clinical Pilates instructor through the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute.  Miranda will be further continuing her professional development  in 2017 as she commences her Grad. Cert. Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at LaTrobe University.

Prior to graduating as a physiotherapist Miranda was a Personal Trainer and Sports/Remedial Massage Therapist for 10 years working in private practice, health studios and elite sporting organisations.

Sarah Kerber

B. Health Sciences, B. Physiotherapy, Diploma of Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation Method, Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Physiotherapy (Women’s Health and Continence)

Sarah graduated as a Physiotherapist from the University of Notre Dame Perth in 2008 following completion of her first degree in Health Sciences in her hometown of Adelaide in 2004. She has since undertaken extensive post graduate training with Polestar Pilates receiving her Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction specialising in Rehabilitation.

She has worked in private practice focusing on musculoskeletal since 2009, and a subsequent keen interest in Women’s Health prompted a move to Sydney in 2012 to further her training and skills in this area. Sarah has worked alongside Elizabeth Evans, a very experienced Women’s Health and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist at her prestigious Women’s Health practice in Sydney for the last four years.

In this time she was taught not only to manage complex pelvic floor conditions but to also establish the connection between the pelvic floor and rib, pelvic and other musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Sarah completed her Post Graduate Certificate in Women’s Health and Continence Physiotherapy at Curtin University in 2016.

Sarah works to provide the link between musculoskeletal and movement dysfunction and with her specialised training in Pilates, pelvic floor, rib and pelvis conditions she enjoys progressing clients from treatment to strengthening in their rehabilitation.


Aileen Sim

Physiotherapy (Hons);  Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Physiotherapy (Women’s Health and Continence); Certified Clinical Pilates Rehabilitation Practitioner (Polestar Pilates)

Since graduating as a physiotherapist, Aileen has worked in both acute and rehabilitation hospitals in the public and private sector with extensive experience in orthopaedics. Aileen has also worked in private practice combining hands on therapy, exercise and pilates to enable clients to achieve their rehabilitation goals. Aileen has completed additional training at the University of Melbourne in exercise for women and pelvic floor rehabilitation and is highly passionate about this field.

Her main clinical area of interest includes pelvic floor and musculoskeletal rehabilitation which includes urinary or faecal incontinence, constipation, vaginal prolapse, sexual and chronic pelvic pain. Aileen also enjoys treating and prescribing clients with pilates exercises to improve their strength and motor control, thus enabling clients to achieve their exercise-specific goals.

Aileen is highly passionate about educating and empowering clients to self-manage their various conditions and to achieve their goals.

Outside of work, Aileen enjoys hiking, travelling, running, boxing and resistance training. She is a member of the Continence Foundation of Australia and regularly attends professional development events through the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Sonya Galenson

Osteopath; B.App.Sci.(Comp Med), M. Osteopathy, Herman and Wallace Pelvic floor Certificate Level 1,2A,2B. Master of Acupuncture RMIT Student. 

Sonya’s early passion for anatomy and the biomechanics of the body has lead to a fascination in the way that pain uniquely manifests. Throughout her 3 year Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of Osteopathy Sonya sought parallel work as a sports trainer and worked alongside personal trainers.

During her fifth year, Sonya embarked on a journey to Africa to offer her experience and understanding of osteopathic treatment to patients in the orthopaedic and outpatient ward of a public hospital in Kenya. Following graduation, Sonya accepted a graduate scholarship from a well known Osteopath in Adelaide to start her professional career.

Living in Adelaide she treated a variety of musculoskeletal conditions from dance injuries to work related strains. Since returning to Melbourne in 2014 an interest in pelvic pain and associated urogenital disorders and this has seen Sonya reach out for more understanding in this complex area. Sonya has an understanding, supportive and practical approach to her treatment.

She is a firm believer that everyone is different, and she tailors her plan for each and every individual. Sonya is a member of the Continence Foundation of Australia and the Australian Osteopathic Association.


Jessica Bonaddio

Doc. PT and BHlthSc MOTP

Jessica is a Physiotherapist with an Occupational Therapy background who recently graduated from Melbourne University with a Doctor of Physiotherapy (2016). Since graduation, Jessica has worked in the public health sector within orthopaedic and musculoskeletal settings; and currently works at a private hospital continuing to provide patient centred care within the orthopaedic department.

Since beginning at Inform Physiotherapy in early 2017, Jessica has enjoyed working with women across all stages of pregnancy (both pre- and post- natal) as a clinical pilates instructor. She believes that such work brings with it a unique range of challenges and has always sought to adjust her approach; tailoring exercises to each client.

Specialising in women’s health is a career focus for Jessica and she continues to engage in professional development in the area of perinatal physiotherapy management. Jessica is passionate about the prospect of assisting women with the challenges they face during this exciting stage of their lives



Holly Breheny

BSci Physiotherapy;  Certified Clinical Pilates Rehabilitation Practitioner (Polestar Pilates)

Holly graduated from Curtin University of Technology in Perth, 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. She was awarded the Physiotherapists Registration Board of Western Australia best physiotherapy student for her graduating year.

Holly has predominantly worked in the private musculoskeletal and sports sector of physiotherapy, including the VFL. She has completed her Polestar Diploma of Rehabilitation in Clinical Pilates which she utilises to provide clients with the highest level of care, education, instruction and empowerment. She also a mentor in training with Polestar Pilates.

Over the past 5 years Holly has found her passion in womens health and wellbeing. She has trained with Dianne Lee, Pauline Chiarelli and Tarryn Hallam and plans to continue to specialise in this area.

Others areas of interest and accreditation include dry needling, balance retraining and has been involved in research with Monash University exploring the benefits of pilates on bone mineral density and balance. She also incorporates mindfulness practices into many of her treatments.

Holly spent two years working in London in the private physiotherapy sector and most recently worked in Singapore in a private physiotherapy, womens health and pilates clinic, prior to returning to Melbourne in 2017 to give birth to her son. In her spare time she enjoys spending time in the great outdoors with her family, exploring the world through travel and experimenting with delicious recipes in the kitchen.



Barbara Scafadi

Diploma Pilates Instruction; Assistant Educator Polestar Pilates

It was through a rock climbing and subsequent rowing injury that Barbara discovered the benefits of Pilates. Barbara has become one of Melbourne’s leading Pilates instructors since finishing her Polestar training in 2007. In 2012 she became an assistant educator for Polestar Pilates International and currently teaches up and coming Pilates instructors. She enjoys teaching both studio classes and 1:1 sessions with clients. Barbara has established a devoted clientele due to her caring nature, attention to detail and sparkling sense of humor.

Barbara is also a highly experienced Remedial Massage Therapist. She has worked both in private practice and with the Hawthorn Football Club for several seasons. It has been through her passion of human movement and manual therapy that Barbara was inspired to learn the craft of Pilates.

Emma D professional shot

Emma Duff

B. Physiotherapy; Clinical Pilates

Emma joined the Inform team in early 2014. She is a passionate Physiotherapist who is dedicated to achieving optimal outcomes with her clientele. Before joining Inform, Emma developed her musculoskeletal skills at a private practice in the Dandenong Ranges, where she learned of her passion for Women’s Health. She has since worked a snow season in Japan at a Physio clinic on the snow fields, worked at a sports private practice and is now further expanding her repertoire, completing her Masters in Women’s Health and Continence at Curtin University.

Emma has a special interest in exercise for women through the pre and post natal period, as well as a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries. You will find her running Pilates, Barre and pre and post natal exercise classes here at Inform, which she believes is integral to combine with hands on treatment for a holistic approach to rehabilitation and return to optimal function. She is also qualified in dry needling and treating lactation conditions such as blocked ducts and mastitis. Emma is a Member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Continence Foundation of Australia.
When she’s not at work, Emma can be found enjoying good food, wine and coffee around Melbourne, or outdoors with her boisterous puppy!

Emma is currently on maternity leave

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Dominique Miller Osborn

Barre Instructor, Post Natal Fitness and Womens Wellness Coach

Dominique is passionate about tuning in to the wisdom of our bodies. As a graduate of a BA in Dance (Deakin Uni, 2000) she has taught dance to and made dance works with a wide cross section of the public and across demographics for 20 years. She has explored body/mind/spirit practices including yoga, martial arts, meditation, dance and pilates for 20 years along side her arts practice, including a stint working for a world class yoga retreat centre.  When she was recovering from her last birth she discovered Barre and trained as a Barre Attack teacher and has been teaching Barre in pilates studios and health clubs since. Dominique is committed to helping clients develop intelligent and healthy posture and brings her knowledge in Pelvic Health and Post Natal Fitness to her classes, supporting women across their lifespan. As a Certified Wellness Coach Dominique also helps facilitate change for women facing blocks to their wellbeing. Her other interests include hormone health, feminine spirituality, positive psychology, lifestyle design, living on purpose, holistic health and our power as creative beings. She is a Mama to 2 energetic boys, loves making raw snickers bars and taking hikes in the wilderness!

Jessica Hoardly

Jessica Hoadley

Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching (350 hours — Australian Yoga Academy); Yin Yoga teacher training (50 hours — Breath of Heart with Hugh Lee)

Jess first came to yoga in 2011 for a workout, but it’s the mental and emotional benefits that have kept her returning to class ever since. Her mission as a yoga teacher is to help students of all levels feel comfortable and safe in their practice, and she’s passionate about spreading the message that you do not need to be young, female or flexible in order to benefit from yoga.

Yin yoga is a passive, calming practice where we hold poses for longer — usually three to five minutes. We use lots of props like blankets and bolsters to get comfortable so we can relax into the pose, allowing access to deeper connective tissues. This style of yoga is perfect for those recovering from injuries, those who are mentally or physically exhausted, or those who are looking to increase flexibility and float out of class.

Jess’s Yin classes are a safe place to explore your body and mind with curiosity and kindness.

When not on the yoga mat you’ll find her with her nose stuck in a book, surfing, or playing with her dog Abi (golden retriever X black lab).

She’s on Instagram @jessdaisy.yoga

Peta Griggs

Remedial Massage Therapist 

Peta graduated from The Australian College of Natural medicine in 2001 after finishing Diploma of Remedial therapies. She also has a diploma in Myotherapy, a Certificate in Pregnancy massage and in Eastern and Western cupping. Most of her work over the last 12 years was undertaken at a multi-disciplinary clinic which focused on athletes interested in triathlons, cycling, running and kayaking. As well as treating people pre and post event Peta also treated for various injuries and maladies and massaged women throughout their pregnancy and beyond. In addition to this Peta lead group stretch classes and infant massage training for new parents.

Her warm nature and effective treatments have also been utilised working with children with disabilities, the elderly, and people with serious illness such as cancer and MS and acquired brain injury. As a remedial therapist, she is trained to treat holistically and recognizes the benefits of a range of treatment techniques to assist healing such as essential oils or reflexology, though most of her treatments are focussed on soft tissue therapy using musculo-skeletal  techniques of Myo (muscle) therapy. Peta believes in the power of relaxation to allow the body to heal and recover, but will certainly use deep tissue techniques as required. She especially enjoys working with women throughout their pregnancy and beyond and has been specialising in this for over 5 years. Having given birth to a daughter less than 2 years ago, she now has an insight into the process from her own experiences and is even more passionate about helping women through this intense period of their lives and can relate to both the joy and the struggles!

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Deanna Norris


Deanna graduated from RMIT as a Myotherapist in 1997. She began her career in Shepparton where her special interest in lower back /hip pain and dysfunction saw her work predominantly with road cyclists, pregnant women and farmers. After a few years of practice, she complimented her working week as a clinical supervisor and anatomy examiner with Myotherapy students and has also worked with the Australian Wallabies Rugby Union team. She went on to complete further study in both nutritional medicine and social health, moving into a research role at the University of Melbourne contributing to a manual on the prevention of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries in the workplace.

Deanna has had experience in treating a broad range of conditions over the last 20 years and encourages clientele to use Myotherapy in both a corrective and preventative capacity. She also really enjoys nurturing women through all stages of pregnancy and their post-natal care, with a particular interest in supporting women to feel confident in their bodies’ physical ability to grow and birth a healthy baby.

Deanna is a yoga enthusiast, nature lover and she is kept busy and entertained by her two eternally energetic and sprightly young girls.