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Andrea Wessels-Geluwie

Andrea Wessels-Geluwie

Prenatal Yoga Instructor

Andrea had her first encounters with yoga as a kid, looking at my mother as she would demonstrate poses for me after her classes. She then dabbled in and out of yoga during herearly 20’s. As an active person with a love for running and various gym routines she found yoga to be a great compliment alongside these.

Andrea fell in love with prenatal yoga as of my first class during my first pregnancy. She went in thinking it was just another great way to stay active safely, but her mind was blown when getting so many tools that she could use during her own labour - and decided she wanted to share these experiences with others.

Now a mother of 3 young boys, Andrea teaches yoga as a way to love help others take yoga from the studio into daily life. She focuses on prenatal yoga as she loves that it provides pregnant women with the tools to support themselves during pregnancy and labour.

Prenatal yoga is so much more than just relaxing. It’s a great way to support yourself during this amazing transformational journey emotionally, physically and mentally.

Prenatal yoga is a great way to support you physically, psychologically and emotionally through the various stages of your pregnancy and in preparation for childbirth. It can also help improve circulation, aid digestion, increase overall wellbeing as well as minimising discomforts such as nausea, sciatica, swelling and back pain.

Designed specifically for mums-to-be Andrea’s classes will explore various breathing and relaxation techniques along with strengthening and stretching exercises maintaining a safe practice while supporting the needs of your changing body as you journey through your pregnancy.