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Halley Flanagan

Halley Flanagan

Yin Yoga Instructor

Halley is a vibrant, playful and down to earth yogi who loves to bring the best out in her students and see them glow. Yoga has played a very important role in her life, acting as both a soothing balm and a powerful tool of personal transformation.

Halley’s love of yoga stemmed from an early age when her mum first introduced her to a Hatha yoga class. It was love at first Asana and this sparked her curiosity to continue with the practice and try on many styles of yoga, and also delve into Vipassana meditation.

She completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Australia with Power Living and has also completed her Yin Yoga and Chinese Medicine 50 Hrs TT as well as Advanced Yin and Chinese Medicine 30 Hr TT with renowned Yin teacher Hugh Lee and TCM Dr Beck Andrews.

Halley’s unique teaching style is dynamic, expressive and heart-full. With a strong focus on mindfulness, breath and alignment, she encourages full expansion of her students in a way that is simultaneously challenging, supportive and fun.

Her aim: to enable you to tap into a stronger, lighter and more vibrant version of yourself.