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Hillary Schwantzer

Hillary Schwantzer
Associate Physiotherapist

Director & Pilates Instructor
B Physiotherapy (Hons)(UMelb); PGrad Cert Cont & PF Rehab (UMelb) (Hons) Pgrad Cert Exercise for Women

Hillary has over 21 years of clinical physiotherapy experience and is the principal owner of Inform Physiotherapy in Fairfield, Victoria. Since completing her postgraduate certification from The University of Melbourne in Exercise for Women in 2006 and Continence & Pelvic Floor in 2011 Hillary has enhanced her expertise in the area through clinical practice and continued professional development. She has a special interest in treating pelvic health conditions in women, men and children including continence, pre and post op gynecological/urological patients, perinatal health, perimenopausal health and pelvic/sexual pain including endometriosis, adenomyosis and PCOS.

Hillary is also passionate about supporting lactating women. She treats inflammatory conditions of the lactating breast such as blocked ducts, mastitis and nipple trauma through the use of several modalities including therapeutic ultrasound and laser therapy. She shares her knowledge in this area with other health professionals as the convener and lecturer on the APA endorsed Lactation for Health Professionals Course which is taught nationally and internationally.

She combines her extensive 22 years of teaching Pilates/Clinical Exercise with her Physiotherapy education to provide a comprehensive approach to health rehabilitation. Hillary is passionate about empowering individuals to understand their health and help improve their quality of life through education and exercise.

Hillary is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Continence Foundation of Australia. Hillary consults from the Fairfield and Carlton locations of Inform Physiotherapy.