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Laila Juntunen

Laila Juntunen

Pilates Instructor

Laila has been practising Pilates for over 20 years as part of her personal training in dance and competitive cheerleading. Professionally, she has added formal qualifications in Pilates through Polestar Pilates, and specific training for pre and post-natal clients to her credentials of a decade teaching dance and cheerleading.

Laila has an appreciation of the unique stresses on the body experienced in a range of work and life situations, from working in an office environment to participating in national level sport and dance competitions. She has first-hand understanding of the value and exceptional benefits of Pilates in strengthening and repairing the body and is passionate about sharing her knowledge to help others achieve their physical goals through Pilates.

Working with elite sportspeople, assisting in rehabilitations for an ageing population and instructing in some of Melbourne’s leading schools combine to qualify Laila to provide a great Pilates experience for all - young, old and in between.