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Pre & Post Natal Exercise Class

Our specifically designed exercise classes for our peripartum clients include pelvic floor exercises, low impact cardio exercise, strength training for those muscles required to help with caring for your baby, and stretches to prevent or relieve those aches and pains associated with pregnancy or caring for your babies. These classes are safe for those with abdominal separation, pelvic girdle pain and prolapse however, if you have any of these conditions we recommend a visit with one of our women’s health physiotherapists prior to starting the classes.

We recommend an assessment from a pelvic health physio or clearance from your obstetrician or gynaecologist before commencing any of our pre and postpartum exercise classes.

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Over 40’s Balance and Bone Strength
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  • Exercise Safely
  • Develop core strength
  • Improve your posture
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor

*Private health insurance rebates available for most funds

**Babies welcome in class


Bookings essential

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