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Lisa Ray

Lisa Ray

Yin Yoga Instructor

Lisa loves to create an environment where her students can slow down and create a sense of self awareness through the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. With the belief that we are busy living our lives all of the time, Lisa incorporates a deeply meditative approach to the long held postures of Yin Yoga to turn inward, relax the nervous system, and simultaneously create a sense of release throughout the connective tissue of the body.

She completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Chris Dixon Yoga and has also completed her Yin Yoga and Chinese Medicine 50 Hrs TT as well as Advanced Yin and Chinese Medicine 30 Hr TT with renowned Yin teacher Hugh Lee and TCM Dr Becky Andrews.

Her other interests include creating soulful experiences for women through photography, and holding regular workshops with sound healing, meditation and aromatherapy.