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Clinical Exercise & Pilates

Clinical Exercise is a supervised exercise program with a Physiotherapist. Our Pilates classes are taught by a qualified Pilates instructor. Clinical Exercise and Pilates are tailored programs for your individual needs to rehabilitate an injury, recover or prepare for surgery or help with a chronic condition. Specialized equipment such as reformers, trapeze tables, and wundachairs are used in addition to other props such as rollers, bands, balls, and much more. Our Clinical Exercise classes may also include some manual therapy and prescription or review of your home program.

Benefits of Clinical Exercise and Pilates include;

  • increased strength and flexibility
  • improved postural and body awareness
  • improved balance, co-ordination & circulation
  • improved performance in sports
  • improved bone health

Clinical exercise and Pilates can help and are suitable for people of all ages and abilities including those with;

  • pre and postpartum musculoskeletal dysfunction such as pelvic girdle pain and abdominal separation
  • fibromyalgia
  • osteoporosis
  • osteoarthritis
  • pelvic floor muscle dysfunction
  • postural related pain
  • scoliosis
  • back/neck pain
  • joint replacement rehabilitation
  • neurological disorders including MS, Parkinson’s

At Inform Physiotherapy and Pilates we offer 50 minute group (4:1) exercise sessions in our fully equipped studio. 45 minute and 30 minute individual (1:1) and duo (2:1) formats are also available. We also offer special teen sessions.

In order to understand your needs and design an effective individual exercise program all new Clinical Exercise and Pilates clients are required to attend an initial assessment with a Physiotherapist. This appointment will include a thorough assessment of current posture and movement patterns, as well as any previous or recurring injuries. The assessment will be a chance to define goals and develop outcome measures. If required, real time ultrasound, can be used during the assessment to assess and then educate and teach correct core muscle activation. Clients will require an additional 1:1 session to develop and teach the exercise program.

Our Clinical Exercise sessions are taught by highly qualified Physiotherapists with extra Pilates certification. If you have Private Health Insurance with Physiotherapy extras claims can be made on Clinical Exercise sessions under item code 560.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding Clinical Exercise or Pilates at Inform.